Audits to unleash
your content
Content & SEO auditing to generate more traffic, conversions and revenue from your existing content.
Make your content work harder

From our experience, most blogs underperform.

They start to experience weak traffic growth and low conversion rates. They become cluttered with outdated articles that lose more traffic by the day. They accumulate technical issues that limit search performance and negatively impact the user experience.

If you're struggling with any of these problems, we can help. We’ve helped companies like Wistia, Zapier, and GoDaddy generate more traffic, more conversions, and more revenue from their existing content.

An Animalz audit isn't just a spreadsheet of keywords. We'll tell you how to strengthen your entire marketing strategy, and create a clear roadmap for future growth.
We know content, and we'll tell you what we think of yours, borne from our experience generating millions of pageviews for companies like Google, Intercom and Wistia
Every audit includes a library of instructional videos, guides, and examples to help turn our recommendations into meaningful business growth.
What's in a content audit?
Every content audit is unique, but there are a few areas we'll always explore:
Technical SEO
Analyzing page load times, internal linking structure, and website metadata
On-page SEO
Identifying top-performing search terms and improving on-page SEO on key pages
Strategic content analysis
Making recommendations to prune, refresh, or grow each website page
Resource library
Sharing educational content to help you implement our recommendations
Tailored execution roadmap
Prioritizing our recommendations based on your current resources
Let's reach new heights together
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